Fun & Beautiful Happenings in Our Atelier

lascuolablog Reggio Emilia

The greatest benefit of the Ateliers for La Scuola students is that they provide them ample space to develop their ideas and become confident in tackling the unknown. Our students speak the language of art – it is one more tool they have to express themselves.

The Reggio Emilia pedagogy considers a student’s environment to be a principal factor in how they learn. It is often referred to as ‘the third teacher’, because it is designed intentionally to inspire curiosity, creativity, and joy. If a space is beautiful and engaging, students and teachers are more engaged in the process of constructing knowledge together and that experience leads not only to better retention of that knowledge, but also to the nurturing of a love of learning for life. Learn more about The Ateliers at La Scuola.

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