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Incorporating Math, Science, Teamwork and Critical Thinking into one IB-MYP Activity Challenge

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IB-MYP Activity Challenge

In this exciting IB-MYP (International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program) activity, students in Grades 6, 7, and 8 were tasked with designing, constructing, and testing popsicle stick bridges that could span a specified distance while supporting a minimum of two kilograms. This challenge blended math, science, teamwork and critical thinking.

Incorporating math, science, teamwork and critical thinking into one IB-MYP Activity Challenge.

MYP Components

Approaches to Learning (ATL) Skills

Students collaborated effectively in teams, communicated their ideas clearly, and honed their critical thinking skills throughout the project.

Global Context

The project connected students to the global context by highlighting the importance of bridges in connecting communities and facilitating transportation.

The Journey

Design Blueprint (Math and Science)

Students formed groups and applied mathematical concepts to create innovative bridge blueprints.  They considered structural forces, including compression and tension, ensuring their designs were mathematically sound.

Bridge Construction (Math and Science)

Armed with their blueprints, students carefully constructed their bridges, choosing materials wisely to ensure strength and stability while applying science principles.

Bridge Construction (Math and Science)

Students tested their bridges, interpreting data and applying mathematical and scientific reasoning. This phase fostered reflection and improvement.

The Outcomes

The results were impressive, with students exceeding weight-bearing requirements. Various bridge designs, from arches to beam bridges, showcased creative problem solving.

This project epitomized IB-MYP principles, encouraging students to think critically, collaborate effectively, and apply their learning to practical situations.

In Conclusion: The IB-MYP Bridge Challenge celebrated students’ ingenuity and their ability to integrate learning across disciplines. It exemplified our commitment to ATL skills, global contexts, and holistic education.

Congratulations to our young engineers!

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Written by: Neelam Khanduri, MYP Math and Science Department Head

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