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The Exciting World of Middle School Math at La Scuola

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Welcome to Our World of Math!

We’ll share how our middle schoolers explored mathematics earlier this year, from mastering numbers to unraveling the mysteries of algebra.

A Unique Approach to Learning

In line with our commitment to the Reggio Emilia approach, our math curriculum is crafted to ensure that every student’s learning experience is vibrant and deeply connected to their environment and community. By honoring their natural curiosities and providing them with opportunities to interact with real-world mathematical problems, we create a learning space that not only teaches math but cultivates thinkers and problem solvers.

Grade 6: Numbers and More!

Our Grade 6 students kicked off with ‘Numbers’ and ‘Statistics and Probability.’ They’ve been getting hands-on with mathematical operations and digging into complex expressions. It’s not just about calculations; they’ve taken on projects that matter, like analyzing environmental data to advocate for sustainable solutions. Imagine your child helping to save the planet with math!

Grade 7: Making Sense of the World Through Math

In Grade 7, students tackle the pivotal question: “What really makes the world go around?” They delve into proportional relationships, ratios, fractions, and percentages using platforms like CK12 and Khan Academy. These tools not only sharpen their computational skills but also enhance their ability to apply mathematical concepts to real-world problems, making math both relevant and engaging.

Grade 8: History Meets Modern-Day Math

Grade 8 is where history meets math. Our students delve into the lives of significant mathematicians and apply their learnings to modern-day problems, such as using linear relations and coordinate geometry to answer questions like “How do we make choices?”. They conduct deep dives into variables and linear equations, truly seeing the impact of math in life’s decisions.

Continuous Learning and Assessment in La Scuola Environments

Across all grades, assessments go beyond the usual tests to include creative projects—from timelines that map the history of math to detailed investigations into mathematical concepts. These dynamic and varied forms of evaluation allow students to demonstrate their knowledge in ways that are both rigorous and engaging.

As students tackle problem-solving challenges, they not only refine their computational skills but also enhance their critical thinking and communication abilities. This comprehensive approach ensures that each student is not only tested on their knowledge but also on their ability to apply and communicate their learning effectively, preparing them for higher-level mathematical challenges and everyday decision-making.

Our classrooms are dynamic learning environments where ideas evolve through exploration and creative thinking, reflecting the core principles of the Reggio approach that every learning journey is personal and deeply rooted in communication and collaboration.

What’s Next?

We love seeing our students engage with math in such interactive and meaningful ways. How about asking your child what they’ve discovered in math recently?   We’re excited to keep exploring and hope you are, too!

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To learn more about La Scuola’s Middle School curriculum, visit our website.

Written by:

Sally Peterson, Director of Teaching and Learning, and 

Neelam Khanduri, IB-MYP Math and Science Department Head

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