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Welcome Back to the La Scuola K-8 Library!

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IB learning and the library go hand-in-hand. La Scuola’s K-8 library is a resource for information, inspiration and imagination.

Welcome back to the now K-8 library! What will you discover today?

Our La Scuola library is again an accessible resource for all La Scuola students and families seeking information, inspiration and imagination. The library is a setting where contemplation and conversation take place! Students have guidance and support as they seek new information and develop independent ideas using tools in the library. The library will be central to La Scuola and will provide multi-modal, multilingual and multicultural resources. La Scuola parent volunteers of the library work collaboratively with La Scuola IB PYP & MYP teachers to maximize the students’ learning experiences.  At the center of the learning are the students – they lead – and embrace – their own ability to learn across languages, cultures and subjects. This developing autonomy, to voice questions and explore the shelves, fosters the IB Approaches to Learning skills.

The K-8 library on the Mission campus is blossoming.

Navigating Change

Two years ago, a fully established school library routine was disrupted by the pandemic. Weekly library visits (and checking out books) were placed on hold and guest parent readers shifted to a virtual stage. Last Spring in this same week, the Fell campus library reopened for K-2 weekly visits, students and teachers only. Fast forward to now, the K-8 library on the Mission campus is blossoming, now open for service to our students. This month students in Kindergarten through Grade 3 have weekly or bi-weekly visits. Also, students in Grades 4 through 8 are invited to Open Library Hours on Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the lunch break 1:15-1:40 p.m. Every student has a library account to check out books.  Students can always contact the library team with questions or requests.

Dream Team: Parent Volunteer Library Committee

With the dedication of parent volunteers, our students benefit from an expanded collection of K-8 books in Italian, English, and Spanish.  Additional languages are represented and already accessed by students.  Parent readers can participate during library visits.  We are truly grateful for the time commitment, collaboration, enthusiasm – and transformations of our volunteers around all things library related.

Environment as the Third Teacher

In the library, we have exhibit space too! At present we feature “traces” – documentation of the Grade 3 led all school assemblea in January sharing the historic march in Washington, D.C. in August 1963 when Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his Freedom Ring speech about justice, and his dream for the present and future children.  In May, Asian American Pacific Islander Month, exhibit space will be dedicated to student designs that recognize achievements, contributions and cultural influences of Asian and Pacific Islanders in the United States.

Seen in students of all ages, the library is a personal space.

In a Digital Age, a Library Matters

Seen in students of all ages, the library is a personal space.  This is different from a private space.  Personal in the sense there are various destinations that students beeline to when stepping foot inside.  Tracing the movement of 17 first graders in the library could be a treasure, especially seeing where they land for that quiet moment with a book in hand. The older student has a greater breath of choices, able to read any book at their reach.  And there’s no need for a power cord. 

Technology: Leveraging Learning Experiences

Library technology supports both collections management/circulation (library team) and database research for the student.  A second computer is dedicated to student use in the library, and while Covid disrupted that, it will resume in August 2022.  Adults and students working in tandem through a shared interest in fact-checking or searches positively fosters student growth and autonomy.  

Technology tools are in the hands of students during classroom inquiry through the 1:1 Chromebook program in upper elementary/middle school, school subscriptions to GoEpic, Newsela and more.  Additionally, in middle school, students are encouraged to use digital resources expertly developed by the public library systems.  The San Francisco Public Library offers resources for elementary and teens.

Future Building Project, Library Without Walls

The imagined library space and experience in the Reggio inspired future building on our campus is exciting.  Italian architect Michele Zini, ZPZ Partners, factors visibility, accessibility, natural lighting and beauty into the information literacy environment.  It will  invite students into their personal experiences with print while integrating technology tools to promote curiosity, flexible thinking and independence.

Appreciating Our Growth: La Scuola Library Program Timeline

Early years (2014-2018)        Transitions (2018-2022)          Future (2022-2026)

small, separate space            larger, multiple purpose space        open, active access, dynamic

If you have any questions or want to share your child’s experiences, please reach out, we would love to hear from you. Grazie!

Sally Peterson

Director of Teaching & Learning

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