Middle School Athletics Coaches

Professional Development for our Middle School Athletics Coaches

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Great teachers help create great students. Here at La Scuola we place a high value on Professional Development for our faculty and staff, and offer many opportunities for them to attend professional development courses throughout the year, as well as scheduled in-school professional development days, …

Environmental Studies and The Garden

The Environment is the Third Teacher! – Environmental Studies and the Garden at La Scuola

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The environment is the third teacher! The La Scuola environmental studies and garden program provides our students with a unique opportunity to be in a natural setting when learning about the environment. They practice empathy while navigating a thriving habitat and touch, feel, and experience …

pyp curriculum framework

Young Scientists at La Scuola

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In a transdisciplinary program like La Scuola International School’s elementary program, scientific concepts become enduring understandings for students as they dive deep into a central idea through an inquiry cycle.  In a social constructivist learning setting, students share what they already know, develop research questions, …

IB-MYP Curriculum

Benefits of the IB Program for Middle Schoolers

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The International Baccalaureate (IB) program is a globally-recognized curriculum that helps students form the skills they need for life.  There are many benefits of the IB program for La Scuola Middle Schoolers. The IB Middle Years Programme (IB-MYP) emphasizes intellectual challenge. The IB curriculum, in particular, …